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Hello my friends, how are you? I want to thank all of you, over the pass eighteen months been difficult. We had many problems our first hosting company, was on good, there servers wasn`t stable disconnecting while we were working. In c-panel by timing us out, they also had extremely bad Customer-service,

In c-panel by timing us out, they also had extremely bad Customer-service, we had to move here change the site. A little, we don’t have any of the old problems here, and the hosting is good, there are good servers. Here, but by then many files got, corrupted on the old server, we had many technical problems, theme corruption. Problems with plugins, admin failure after updates and many other duds, it’s not all bad because all the times. We could not post because of technical issue, many of you guys / girls keep coming back for this we.

Thank you, it was a real inspiration for us, that help us focus and goodwill give us some. Earn extra money to keep going, we have lean a lot about WordPress, gain experience we wouldn`t otherwise get. Many times, difficulty can lead to good that benefits you, and many others, you just got to keep going. When you are knock down you have to get up again, and go after your goals, I done a little. Research, here is what others say, and think about this subject, also what more can be learn from the experience. I wanted to share with you, here is a good Piece from moreintelligentlife, the brain. Likes a challenge, the brain just loves a challenge— and putting a few. Obstacles in its way may well boost its creativity; Ian Leslie takes a hard line.

Jack White, the former frontman of the White Stripes and an influential figure among fellow musicians, likes to make things.

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Difficult for himself, he uses cheap guitars that won’t stay in shape, or in tune when performing. He positions his instruments in a way that is deliberately inconvenient, so switching from guitar to organ mid-song involves. A mad dash across the stage, why? Because he’s on the run from what he describes as a disease that. Preys on every artist: “ease of use”. When making music gets too easy, says White, it becomes harder to make it sing, and earn extra money. http://moreintelligentlife.co.uk/content/ideas/ian-leslie/uses-difficulty


It`s a fact Progress is greater achieve when there is a pressure of need, something to ponder on, it is. Believed the European over took the ancient civilizations, of Egypt and Mesopotamia, because the environment of the geography.

earn extra money


It`s a fact Progress is greater achieve when there is a pressure of need, something to ponder on, it is. Believed the European over took the ancient civilizations, of Egypt and Mesopotamia, because the environment of the geography. And a constant need to meet the need of survival, when the ancient humans move north from Africa. The further north they went more hostile the territory greater the demands of survival, just think for a moment leaving. Warm Africa where food is plentiful and hunting just a Routine, to go in a cool bleak north, where you have to cover up to be wham. If you have doubt about this you only have to look at what some Tribe in Africa wear: Even today, and Earn extra money.

We don`t know for sure what Cause the move, if it was force by land Separation Volcanic activity. Whatever just look at the result, as the European start solving their survival problems, they gain Knowledge. And skills they manipulate, that lead to the European becoming technologically advance and the leaders of the world, are you seeing the picture? The next time they were back in Africa, there skin wear light they were now explorers in control. Iron had been, known since ancient times, but European learns to manipulate it and.

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Make products out of it, through the need to survive and earn extra money, then through exploration and immigration populate. All the great western powers we have today, this is another very revealing article from salve international, these indeed feed the brain. From Difficulty to a remarkable life as human being, we love to hear inspiring stories from others. For any story to be inspiring there must be a degree of challenge in it especially.

At the start with achievement of a better life in the end. You wouldn’t want to watch a Horror movie which has no survivor at the end. When people tell their stories and they want their audience, to really feel inspired, they must always reveal in-depth: the challenges they have overcome. http://www.salveinternational.org/2015/03/16/from-difficulty-to-an-amazing-life/

One Can Use What Have Been, Learned from Experience, to Help Someone Else or Create Something to Help others, and Earn Extra Money.

There is something in hearing about someone else Difficulty and Struggle to succeed, that not only helps one to learn, but reach out and touches you. Inspire and pump you up, also make one feel ready to go after their goals, it sorts of compels you to work towards it. Which is exactly what you need, this sort of up-liftment help the subconscious figure out ways to solve problems that you run in to? read this post

This is also a good reminder that some patient and perseverance will be, needed space enthusiast’s from laurasspaceonspace.

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Perseverance: Steadfastness in Doing Something despite Difficulty or Delay in Achieving Success Yesterday, I witnessed my first rocket launch from. A boat I also witnessed my first rocket failure, along, with the loss of many science payloads that were being. Shipped to the International Space Station, one of those projects, Meteor, the first project proposal that I reviewed when I: Started working at CASIS, , has Now been, lost – during October’s Orbital rocket incident, and again yesterday. Bad luck! http://laurasspaceonspace.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/perseverance-steadfastness-in-doing.html

Inventor of the helicopter Igor Sikorsky had to change country, work for many years to perfect his invention. Stave Jobs co-founder of apple was, fired from his job at apple, only to raise up again more powerful than. Before, and reclaim his position in the company, making good of the saying you can`t hold a good man down. Quotes from The Steve Jobs Movie, everything around you that you call life was, made. By people that were no smarter than you, and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build. Your own things that other people can use., to make earn extra money.

There are some actual facts in this article, no one likes hardship but necessity forces one, to face whatever. Is before them, how good are you at creating or recognizing your own need? This is where your goals and its affirmation come in.

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New Breed
What would you say if we asked you to identify a few of your goals? I’m sure you would have no problem recalling a list of at least 10, maybe even twenty goals. You have on the tip-off your tongue, I would also bet these goals range from short-term to long-term and. From life goals to career goals, you have also probably have had these goals for different amounts of times.

Fooled by Goals Never achieve, Improve Effectiveness, Impact earn extra money.

Do you come up with new goals every week? Every day? What about those goals that have tormented you for years? You know the ones I mean, you think about them constantly, but they still seem unobtainable after all this time. It can be frustrating or even difficult to admit but until you are ready: To come face to face with this reality.

On till you have White down your goals, and you have started to affirm them, you are not ready to. Face up, to achieving them, when you are keeping your wants alive, you are, motivated, you are pump up. You have the passion, and you are creating the need to achieving those goals, people who are, driven by. Their own need or want create great products, also achieve great things Sir James Dyson, CBE, British inventor. It is, believed he got the idea of a cyclone vacuum cleaner, while using a vacuum cleaner. With poor suction, he Notice after he clean the bag the suction had increase, after five years and many. Prototypes the first model was, launched, but the Struggle wasn’t over, he had face an uphill task. Because dealers in the marketplace did not want to stock a cyclone vacuum cleaner, fearful they will lose the: Earn extra money power of the.

UK £100 million disposable cleaner bags market, this article challenge and dear you to do better, but for most people. The very thought of doing cool or different things, put the chills thought them, people don`t like to go out. Of their comfort zone, yet to achieve anything worthwhile, it’s what will have to be done. It’s not hard when control with direction and focus.


Take the Stress Out Mystery Behind, do something cool earn extra money.

Have you ever dreamed about doing something only to dismiss it away as being impossible? Maybe you made some excuse. To why you couldn’t achieve it or why you shouldn’t bother trying, whatever it is, you’ve labelled it. Impossible and moved on with your life, but what if that goal isn’t as impossible as you think. Many things that seem beyond your capabilities could probably just be difficult to achieve, not impossible, in my own. Experience many goals I once thought impossible, only seemed that way until I eventually succeeded, here are five steps. You can use to make your impossible goals a reality.


It is not impossible for you to something remarkable and wonderful, what is your need? Do you want the best for your kids, give them good education? Would you like to drive a supercar? Do you want to help your close relatives? Do want to make a, contribution to the Community? Would you like to live without financial need? Search yourself find

out what is it you really want, and make it your goal, create your need. You can do anything you want, if you are, driven you can create the drive to earn extra money: If you want to, the question is do you?


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