Social Media Business Opportunity Market- with Smartphone

Social Media Business Opportunity

social Media Business Opportunity

marketing with smartphone

People didn’t see a Social Media Business Opportunity, when they think about a mobile Phone. They see young people sending texts to loads of other teens, talking and sharing their photos. They see it as personal Private Lifestyle tool, and not a. That’s what the corporate world once saw to, but they have long since begun to realize the true potential. Especially small to medium savvy marketing departments, these businesses have started to take notice what the young set. Is doing with their Phones and how they are socializing.

It`s different from what most of us, had when we grew up, what these businesses have stumbled on. Is a gold mine in the form of a virtual sales Machine, that open`s many opportunities, this is how marketing. With your smartphone can help increase your business online, a social Media Business Opportunity.

Using a telephone for marketing is not revolutionary, create a Social Media Business Opportunity with a smartphone is.

Since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, it`s used for marketing and creating sales. But, in today’s competitive climate, the way you use the phone is important, more than ever. Let’s look at how marketing with a smartphone can help you produce more sales in your business; first you need to have an account with several social websites.

If you specifically want to target smartphone users, due to fact they have more disposable income compare to other groups. Since they can easily afford $450 to 600 smartphone, my advice would be target all groups that wants like, and can afford. What you are offering, you can use websites like YouTube Facebook, and Google + for example. There others out there, it’s not all kids on these sites, there are plenty virtual power in these websites.

 If use properly there is ways, you can create something unique in your niche. You can create an e-book, with good unique information well presented, or a small software script that does something useful and unique. Or can you come up with a great strategy that will help one succeed in niche marketing; you have to find out what people want? What`s their problem?, go to forums read blogs. Go to Webinars, when you know the problems you will have to brainstorm, to fine a fix. Once you do, now you have something you can leverage to build your list, and take advantage of the social media business opportunity.

What you need to do now is to offer your creation through your social platform, free in exchange. For an optin, setup a fan page make a video offering it free for an opt in, and upload it on YouTube. Put it on all your social media Properties, if you done your homework? If you done a good job overall? You will get good result.

There are different use of text messaging, in mobile Phone marking, to Engineer a social Media Business Opportunity.

Once someone downloads your product and like it, they will tell others before you know it, it can go viral. Giving you credibility and possibly a big list, some of these new contact may also visited your website, if they like what`s there. They will tell others about your site and free offer, also share the links, oh, oh, the “viral” marketing begins. But your site must be responsive to mobile devises, the best and quickest way to do this.

. Is to put up a WordPress site, and use a theme responsive for mobile devises, as you collect smartphone numbers. From your fan page and other social media Properties, you can now send offer,  a word of advice though. Do not over text your list, there is marketer text-messaging there list, three times a day with offers. People don`t like this and you will burn out your list; your focus should be on quality, rather than quantity. I will not e-mail my list more than two to three times a week, one to two times with and offer, at least once with something free. This could be a good blog post, some information that can help them, anything of Quality that can help.

Considering messaging by text first became available within 1996, it is now a bulk market communication platform. And has also become a cultural occurrence of the modern world, the use of SMS will carry on and still keep growing. As companies convert the service to a vital, media businesses opportunity, the ability of text messaging: To reach client immediately anywhere. At a low cost provide the ability to reach Prospects National & International. With personalize targeted message delivered “inside their Pocket, in genuine true time”, including notice, and many different strategy.

New Data, reports amazing growth in smartphone, which will bring multiple. Opportunities to mobile Phone network marking, Social Media Business Opportunity.

social Media Business Opportunity

effective text massaging

Smartphone Momentum Still Evident with Shipments Expected to Reach 1.2 Billion in 2014.

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. May 28, 2014 – According to a recently published mobile phone forecast from the International Data Corporation (IDC.) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, worldwide smartphone shipments will reach a total of 1.2 billion units worldwide in 2014, marking a 23.1% increase from the 1.0 billion units shipped in 2013. From there, total volumes will reach 1.8 billion units in 2018, resulting in a 12.3% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2013–2018.

“What makes smartphone growth so amazing is where the growth will be taking place,” said Ramon Llamas, Research Manager with IDC’s Mobile Phone team. “Smartphone shipments will more than double between now and 2018 within key emerging markets, including India, Indonesia, and Russia. In addition, China will account for nearly a third of all smartphone shipments in 2018. These – and other markets – will offer multiple opportunities to vendors and carriers alike, but the key will be balancing. Affordability with expectations.” Read more at:

It will go a long way to giving a Customer details and knowledge quickly, to help make a sale. But it`s not just all about making a sale, you have to give the customers something useful to him so he will want your message and this you must understanding.

For example: you can send a couple local emergency numbers or the time the next National big game starts and channel it’s on, breached in a corner at the end, you get the idea.

Response SMS made possible by the smartphone

SMS can create high levels of response, yet a campaign should power the medium’s strengths plus minimize its disadvantages. The main element of a rewarding campaign usually is value and importance, how Important is it to the person you offering? {Or advertise.}To effectively market to someone, you must bring value to them in each TEXT MESSAGE. It is very important your campaign targets Prospects {who have} express their permission to receive messages from you by opt in. You should provide them an easy and free method of opting or out, what’s more! Successful SMS marketing and advertising is about: -Bringing and Saying the right thing.

  • social Media Business Opportunity

    Social Media opportunity

    To a suitable person.

  • At the perfect time.
  • The great strength with SMS is its immediacy. Examples of how its use usually:

A simple yes or no quick feedback is a thrilling interesting} way to engage your viewers and let them have their say, create response and buzz. Promotion alerts fast response discount, customer’s prize straight away or draw, the only limited is your own imagination! Out line`s ; You should send out SMS messages about 1-2 times a week. Any more than that may aggravate. Not good for a Social Media Business Opportunity

You will wonder if starting a SMS marketing strategy is cost-effective for your business. You may think that your email campaign is sufficient in providing your customers with the information you want to present. However, SMS marketing has significant differences from email marketing. While it shares important similarities, it also can be the perfect complement to your email campaign.

The power between having email and text messaging allows you to send the right message at the right time. They both offer two way communications as well so that it engages the customers. What is great about text messaging is that it is useful for short, time-sensitive posts. For instance, it can send communications about last minute sales or appointments. The email can be used for communications with more content and information. It will be waiting in the inbox for them every day.

“It is estimated that 43% of consumers are now accessing their emails through their mobile devices, so the combination of SMS. Marketing and email can be the best approach in marketing, especially with those who have smart phones.

What Should I Know about SMS marketing?

There are some important rules to follow when using SMS marketing strategy for your marketing campaign”. Read more at

Business 2 community publish this stinker, 20% of people check their smart phones every 10 minutes. And almost 70% check it every hour, a great Social Media Business Opportunity.

Just to give you a perspective, according to a UN report,people in India have access to a mobile phone more than they have access to toilets. Translate this to the global scenario and wonder in amazement. Mobile phones have given us the opportunity to communicate at the most personal level possible hence opening up. A plethora= of marketing opportunity for every brand possible.

I came across recent SAP study, it says that 20% people check their smart phones every 10 minutes and almost 70% check it every hour. The question to ask ourselves, being marketers is, are we utilizing this opportunity to the fullest? I do not intend to say that we are not serious about mobile marketing opportunities. In fact, we have kept up with the technology at every step. We optimized our websites according to mobile screens, we rebuilt the mobile sites. We developed web apps and now every prominent brand, has a native app but is that enough?, Read more at

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